Rise From The Ashes

Beyond The Game | A Conversation with NFL Legend and Super Humanitarian, Nick Lowery

July 10, 2023 Baz Porter® Season 1 Episode 5
Rise From The Ashes
Beyond The Game | A Conversation with NFL Legend and Super Humanitarian, Nick Lowery
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Show Notes

Join us on this riveting episode of "Rise From The Ashes," where we engage in an enlightening conversation with a living legend - an accomplished Hall of Fame athlete, Ivy League scholar, three-time Presidential aide, acclaimed author, poet, teacher, and dedicated philanthropist, Nick.

Known for his extraordinary versatility, Nick's achievements span across an impressive spectrum of fields. Featured on platforms such as ABC’s 20/20, HBO, MSNBC, CNBC, Sports Illustrated, and the New York Times, his journey is the epitome of resilience and transformation. 

An alumnus of Harvard with a Master's in Public Administration, Nick has worked under three Presidential administrations, championing drug abuse policies and fostering national service. His storied NFL career is highlighted by his induction into the Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame as the franchise's All-Time leading scorer and the most accurate kicker in NFL history. 

For the past 15 years, Nick has poured his heart into the Champions for the Homeless initiative, helping humanize and assist the homeless population in Phoenix. His tireless philanthropy and humanitarian work efforts have seen him honored with prestigious awards such as the Steinberg-DeNicola Super Bowl Humanitarian Award and the American Cancer Society’s Pillar of Excellence Award. 

Nick's recent features in movies like "Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy" and "Beyond The Game" shed light on the financial illiteracy epidemic among professional athletes, a cause he passionately values. Today, he serves as the national spokesman and Sports Director for one of the leading CBD companies in the world, Kannaway. 

Tune into this power-packed episode of "Rise From The Ashes" and be inspired by Nick's multi-dimensional journey and unwavering resilience. Ready to ignite your path to success? Your journey begins now. 

Thank you for joining us on this enlightening journey on "Rise From The Ashes." We hope you've found inspiration in Irene's story and the insights to fuel your path toward greatness.

Before we part ways, remember every success story begins with a single step, which could be a conversation away. We invite you to take that step today. Head to www.bazporter.com and schedule a complimentary success call with Baz Porter, our seasoned coach who has guided countless individuals from the ashes of adversity to the pinnacle of success.

There's a phoenix waiting to rise within us, and sometimes, all it takes is a little guidance to ignite that spark. Don't let your journey stop here. Reach out, converse, and let's kindle the flames of your success together. Your phoenix moment awaits. Until we meet again on the next episode of "Rise From The Ashes," keep rising and shining.

Remember, you're only a conversation away from your breakthrough!

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Friends, our time together is coming to a close. Before we part ways, I sincerely thank you for joining me on this thought-provoking journey. I aim to provide perspectives and insights that spark self-reflection and positive change.

If any concepts we explored resonated with you, I kindly request that you share this episode with someone who may benefit from its message. And please, reach out anytime - I’m always eager to hear your biggest aspirations, pressing struggles, and lessons learned.

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This is Baz Porter signing off with immense gratitude. Stay bold, stay faithful, and know that you always have an empathetic ear and wise mind in your corner. Until next time!

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